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Josh Stacy:  Co-Founder/Owner



Josh was raised in a household surrounded by brewing, and now has taken his passion for craft beer to the next level.


With over 10 years of brewing experience under his belt Josh has worked tirelessly, tweaking the PH recipes to make the best-tasting beer around.


His favorite Public House beer is the Revelations stout, paired with an 80% plus dark chocolate. He invites you to come experience the relaxed, comfortable setting and great beers at Public House.



Josh Goodridge:  Co-Founder/Owner

Cicerone Program's Certified Beer Server


Josh's career as a financial advisor keeps him busy during the daytime.  At night he changes hats to be a father, husband, friend, and publican of Public House Brewing Company. He was bitten by the beer bug several years ago, brewing in the garage with his pal Josh Stacy.  His love for great beer compelled him to put the pedal to the floor on the dream of opening a brewery in Rolla with his friend. 


He worked tirelessly for three years with Josh to bring the brewery to life, and is grateful for how well the community has embraced not only the award-winning beer Public House makes, but the simple idea of the "pub."  His dream of a community hub that is inclusive to people from all walks of life has materialized in ways beyond what he ever imagined.  His mission is to share his love of people and good craft beer with anyone who walks through the door.


Josh's favorite is the Bird and Baby Mild. If you are curious about the origins of the name, come in and get the whole story from him!



Beth Stacy: Owner is the loving wife of Josh Stacy. She is the third owner in the Public House Brewing company, and has worked along side her husband on this long path to fullfiling a dream.


She has been immersed into the craft beer culture of the past several years, and has helped Josh explore the beauty of another beautiful fermented beverage - wine.


She too shares her husband's love of Revelations Stout, and introduced him to the dark chocolate pairing.


Her pleasant and generous personality pulls you in.  Come in and say "Hi" to Beth.

Trisha Goodridge: Owner is Josh Goodridge's bride of many years. When she's not educating, raising, and loving their four beautiful children--Eleanor (age 13), River (age 11), and Keiran (age 5), and Ezra (6 months)-she is exercising her creative side, helping bring shape to the food, beer, wine, and décor chosen for Public House.


Her husband Josh says that Trisha's tenacity, strength of character, and fierce dedication to her family make her the woman of the millenium.  He is in awe of her.


Josh would not have been able to help bring this brewery to life without her love and support. 


Trisha's favorite Public House beer is the Revelation Stout.


Jason Stacy: Brewer 


Jason has worn many hats in his time at Public House Brewing Company.  Jason started off in the front of the house as a bartender, but it wasn't long before his brother Josh realized that he was in real need of assistance in the brewery.  And what better person than a brother who was brought up around the same craft beer culture?


He continues to be a valuable asset to the Public House as he continues on his journey through the craft beer community.


His love lies in the Public House Tire Swing Dry-Hopped IPA.



Lane Brewer: Rolla Taproom Manager

Cicerone Program's Certified Beer Server


Measuring in at nearly thirteen feet tall, he's anything but tiny.  His size is matched only by his love of beer. From stouts to IPA's he brings his work home with him--even brewing his own versions of Public House favorites. But he doesn't stop there.  He tempts fate trying his own unique combinations, taking what he already knows and expanding on it to come up with his own individual brews.


After joining Public House in 2012, Lane hit the ground running and helped drive our level of customer service skyward (just like him).  After living in the trenches behind the bar for two and a half years he earned a new position as the Rolla Taproom Manager as Public House expanded to St. James and needed more good people in leadership roles.  If you want to play music at Public House, book a large event, or just generally talk about beer, he's your guy!


So next time your in don't be shy, look towards the sky and say hello to Lane!



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