We started Public House Brewing Company with only what we needed to make the best craft beer in Missouri — no more, no less. That’s still our philosophy, so we fine-tune everything we do for maximum sustainability.

Taking care of the land that takes care of us

Our production facilities use the least amount of water and electricity possible, and we compost and recycle. We’re also loud and proud advocates for conservation in the Meramec Highlands — how can you not be inspired to make something great when you live somewhere so great?

Grain in bag at Public House Brewing company in St.James MO

Friendship School in St.James MO

The Friendship School Foundation

The Foundation draws its name from the Friendship School, a historic schoolhouse built by the Italian families who brought wine-making to our fondly dubbed Meramec Highlands. The Friendship School Foundation is a living model of economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Our mission is to create craft beer that brings people together. The Friendship School Foundation is one way we give back to our community.

Environmental Sustainability

The Friendship School Foundation champions sustainability in the craft beverage industry through:

  • Water management
  • Energy conservation
  • Waste stream reduction
  • Sustainable farming
  • Environmental sustainability workshops

Beer in Barrel at Public House Brewing Company, St.James MO

Cultural Sustainability

The Friendship School Foundation preserves the cultural heritage of the St. James and Rolla communities by hosting events focused on local food, music and craftsmanship.