Sustainability Practices at Public House

Did you realize that Public House practices sustainability every day?

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s a list of how our partner St. James Winery and the team at Public House Brewing Company take care of the planet we call home.

  • Recycle – cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum
  • Solid waste from both businesses used as compost in the vineyards
  • Transition to LED lighting last year throughout both the winery and brewery
  • Electricity 208V 3 phase minimum through production facilities for energy efficiency
  • Move to aluminum cans for the brewery for better recyclability
  • Spent grain for cattle
  • Insulated tanks in the brewery
  • Reclaim water from heat exchanger for brewing water
  • Low-pressure boiler in the brewery – sized appropriately for energy efficiency
  • All to-go materials for food from the brewery are recyclable. Just say no to styrofoam
  • Insulated piping for glycol refrigeration system in the winery for energy efficiency
  • Vinwizard adjusts pump speeds depending on demand (Artificial Intelligence for energy efficiency)
  • Use of a fine-tuned irrigation and soil monitoring system so we use less water in our vineyards.
  • Beehive addition to our vineyard perimeter and adding three to four more this year. They help pollinate our cover crops
  • Wildflowers and other natives planted (cover crops) in order to encourage diversity of insect populations in the vineyard area to help with compaction, pests and some for aiding nitrogen levels in the soil
  • All wine tank bottoms filtered/reclaimed and solid waste composted to avoid stressing water treatment facilities
  • Vineyard pruning and hedging equipment redesigned to do two rows at once – lowering diesel usage
  • Using UTVs instead of trucks in order to reduce carbon footprint (less gas) to transport crew and equipment
  • New tractors run in economy – using half the diesel trucks for certain jobs
  • High-efficiency boiler in the winery cellar and bottling room

We really do try to be as eco-friendly as possible and are always looking for ways to improve. Next time you lift a pint of Public House beer know you are supporting a Missouri craft brewery that cares about the community and environment they work and live in. Cheers!


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