Step into our lab

Fermentation Campus

You know what our favorite part of craft beer is? The crafting.  At the Fermentation Campus, we’ll bring you into our beer brewing laboratory, where we relentlessly pursue the art of making delicious, innovative Missouri beer.

4 Brewing tanks at Public House Brewing Company, St.James MO

Beer in Barrel at Public House Brewing Company, St.James MO

Choose your own adventure

Together with our friends at St. James Winery, we hook you up with an all-in-one beverage experience on the Fermentation Campus. Taste beer, wine and cider in every style and flavor we can dream up. Tour the Campus, the Farm, the Vineyards and our R&D Brewery. Pair your drink with some locally sourced food. And, whenever you need a break, kick back and listen to some tunes in The Gardens.

A mini Meramec Highlands

Bottom line: We built the Fermentation Campus to represent everything we love about where we make our beer. It’s beautiful, it’s got endless adventures to be had and it’s got some really, really good adult beverages.