A little recap of what we’ve done...

Circa 2007

Longtime friends Josh Stacy and Josh Goodridge start brewing (and drinking) beer in Stacy’s garage. It’s really, really good. They concoct plans to take their hobby to the next level.


After recruiting their wives to help, Stacy and Goodridge open Public House Brewing Company to share their beer with their hometown of Rolla, MO. We’re the town’s first brewpub, and people from all walks of life started stopping in to try Public House beer.

Bartender poor beer from tap at Rolla Brewpub - Public House Brewing Company

Bartender closing tab behind bar at St James Taproom - Public House Brewing Company


We open our second location—this one next door to our friends at St. James Winery. Our St. James Taproom gives Meramec Highlands tourists the chance to experience genuine Midwest craft beer (and eat some farm-to-table food while they’re at it).


We’re bringing its full line-up of craft beers to more people than ever in more ways than ever. We’re a long way from the garage, but we’re still doing basically the same thing – making great beer and sharing it with our friends.

CampusWerks Series beer bottles on production line belt - Public House Brewing Company

State of Missouri illustration

Show Us Your Favorite Brew - Illustration with star background

Public House Brewing Company bottle cap illustration