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Justyn Moreland Live at the Rolla Brewpub!

Justyn Moreland Live at the Rolla Brewpub!

Hey Dave Live at the Rolla Brewpub!

Come enjoy the fun and talented Hey Dave!

Shakey Deal Live in The Gardens!

Neil Young cover band, Shakey Deal live in The Gardens!

Justin Larkin Live at the Taproom!

Justin Larkin is a multi-instrumentalist from Springfield, MO. Larkin delivers a robust selection of genre-spanning variety, in addition to his own unique & memorable songwriting. You can expect to hear a hearty blend of Americana, Soul, Rocknroll, Folk & Roots music with a driving stomp and a lil’ twang.

HBG Roadshow | Pistol Hill + Chance Stanley

Chance Stanley (Marietta, MS) and Pistol Hill (Shelby, NC) have teamed up on the Hillbillies and Guitars tour. Covering close to 25 states, the HBG Roadshow is a never ending Roadshow, Featuring Independent Country artists.
Every Night on Tour Chance and Pistol Will both play a set of their own, then play one set together at the end.

Gordon & Whitlow Live!

Gordon & Whitlow Live at the Taproom!

Kirk Pierce Live at the Rolla Brewpub!

Kirk Pierce is back in the house!

Mark Moebeck Live in The Gardens!

The fun and talented Mark Moebeck is back in The Gardens!

Bob Kraus of Trilogy Live at the Rolla Brewpub!

Bob Kraus is back at the Public House Brewpub in downtown Rolla with his “Songs You Remember” show. Bob, a member of the local band Trilogy, will jam with a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll.  The show starts at 6 pm on Saturday, May 29th.

Zoe Vox Live at the Taproom!

Zoe Vox will be performing all of your favorite acoustic cover songs from 4-7pm to keep you entertained on a lovely Saturday evening.