Our Beer

Our goal is to produce integrated flavors that come from new brewing philosophy maximizing the perfect processes of traditional brewing. We understand the science of consistent taste and marry that with the art of new and innovative flavors. We make beers that result in balanced and integrated flavors, and approach our blending with high quality and a smooth blend of ingredients.

Year Round Beer

These are the cornerstone of Public House, available all year and crafted with a taste you can count on every time you open a bottle.

Seasonal Beer

Every season has a special scent, celebration or taste it is known for and we want to be a part of those celebrations with these beers.

CampusWerks Series

These small batches are handcrafted, highlight our unique community partnerships and are a great reason to grab a 4-pack and three friends to toast and taste!

Taproom Sampler

Throughout the year, we will release limited quantities of our Taproom Samplers in the state of Missouri. When it's gone, it's gone. You can try these limited releases with our Year Round Beers to make the decision easy for what beer to take home.

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Show Us Your Favorite Brew - Illustration with star background

Public House Brewing Company bottle cap illustration