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Steady Yourself

Level 2 Fall Risk is here

We are excited to announce our second release in our CampusWerks series this year, Level 2 Fall Risk Imperial IPA. This IPA is fairly strong and intensely hoppy without being too complex or malty. There are hints of fruity aromas in the background from the addition of orange blossom honey. This Imperial IPA allows you to enjoy a clean, dry finish, with high drinkability.

With this release comes a story of inspiration. In 2016, Jason Stacy, brewer and brother of co-founder Josh Stacy, overcame a dire medical situation that required surgery and a long rehabilitation. He defiantly attempted to walk in the hospital before he was truly ready to go solo. After he took a fall, caregivers labeled him a “fall risk” and he had to wear a special bracelet. Thankfully, he has since recovered and is back in our brewhouse.

“I was really glad to come back to work a few months after my surgery. I lucked out that I didn’t forget how to brew. My recovery is going great and I’m happy to be brewing, bottling, kegging, and cleaning in the brewery. Level 2 Fall Risk is a double IPA with orange blossom honey, and a bunch of ‘C’ hops. It is very well balanced and a bit dangerous,” stated Jason Stacy.

Together, we created this India Pale Ale to celebrate. Kick back with this cold brew and enjoy the Level 2 Fall Risk Official Playlist. Cheers!
ABV: 8.7% | IBU: 82 | SRM: 8.2