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Brewer's Stash

Brewer’s Stash

Hazy Juicy F-Bomb IPA is the March Brewer’s Stash! Come try it before it is gone!
Overall Impressions: Hazy Juicy F-Bomb IPA takes its name from a new technique and hop product to hit the market. We utilized a pure essential oil called Juicy F-Bomb from Glacier Hop Ranch to create an intensely fresh aromatic IPA. Other companies produce hop oils but Glacier takes it to a whole new level. Instead of using dried, bailed, then pelletized hops to make their oil, they take the freshly harvested hop, right when the hop is the most aromatic, then use a proprietary steam-distillation process instead of solvents to capture the oil. This provides juicy aromatics that you would only find in a fresh wet-hopped beer along with notes of tropical, citrus fruits. This hazy, pale colored IPA also showcases a soft body and smooth mouthfeel. It has a less perceived bitterness than a traditional IPA due to the large amounts of late addition hops. Fresh, aromatic, juicy, fruity!
Ingredients: Malts: Pale Ale; Pilsner Hops: El Dorado; Citra; Simcoe Dry Hops: Citra; El Dorado; Juicy F-Bomb Hopzoil Yeast: American Ale
Vital Statistics: OG: 1.057 FG: 1.010 IBUs: 50 ABV: 6.2% SRM: 5

Brewer’s Stash

Make your plans now to join us on Tuesday, February 8 for our next Brewer’s Stash. This month we are featuring the Czech rePublic House, a Czech Pilsner.
Overall Impression:
Rich, characterful, pale Czech lager, with considerable malt and hop character and a long, rounded finish. Complex yet well-balanced and refreshing. The malt flavors are complex for a Pilsner-type beer, and the bitterness is strong but clean and without harshness, which gives a rounded impression that enhances drinkability.
Bready-rich malt and spicy, floral, or herbal hop bouquet, the interplay is rich and complex.
Gold to deep gold color. Brilliant to very clear clarity. Dense, long-lasting, creamy white head.
Rich, complex, bready maltiness combined with a pronounced yet soft and rounded bitterness and floral and spicy hop flavor.
Medium body. Moderate to low carbonation.
Commonly associated with Pilsner Urquell, which was first brewed in 1842 after construction of a new brewhouse by burghers dissatisfied with the standard of beer brewed in Plzeň. Bavarian brewer Josef Groll is credited with first brewing the beer.
Malts: Pilsner, Carafoam, Munich I, Caramel 30, Acidulated
Hops: Czech Saaz
Yeast: Lager
Vital Statistics:
OG: 1.045
FG: 1.010
IBUs: 30
SRM: 5
ABV: 4.6%
Style Comparison: Czech Pils vs. German Pils
In short, a Czech Pils will have more color, malt richness, and body than a German Pils, with a fuller finish and a cleaner, softer impression.
Czech-style Pilsners are pale gold in color while a German-style Pilsner is pale yellow. A Czech Pils will have a low-to-medium hop profile, and almost exclusively use the native Czech Saaz hop which gives a spiciness to the overall flavor. The German Pils tends to utilize German hops, such as Tettnang or Hallertau Mittelfrueh and they’re bitterness is more pronounced. Often, Czech-style Pilsners are slightly more malt-forward, with notes of biscuit, cracker and bread. German Pils will trend to have flavors of lemon and honey. Czech Pils can be lower in carbonation and have a more full, rounded mouthfeel. They finish crisp and refreshing. German Pils tend to have higher carbonation, a drier, lighter mouthfeel and finish crisp with a lingering bitterness.
Brewer's Stash

Brewer’s Stash at the Rolla Brewpub!

Brewer’s Stash at the Rolla Brewpub is back!
Armed with shiny new R&D equipment, Matt Burkhardt and his team have a small batch of German Kölsch to share for Brewer’s Stash on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.
The base beer is a classic German Kölsch, crisp, light in color and malt character, delicate hop flavor and aroma, and oh-so-drinkable. The German ale yeast gives the beer a slight fruity note and dries the beer out nicely. This helps make the beer so refreshing and leaves you wanting more. But with one keg, we did something special, added clementine! This added fruitiness will have you thinking about those warm summer days, floating down a river or sitting next to the BBQ pit, and enjoying a quaffable adult beverage. Awe…
– O.G.: 1.042
– F.G.: 1.004
– ABV: 5.0%
– IBU: 21
– SRM: 3.4
– Malts: Pilsen, Pale Ale, Wheat, Carafoam, Acidulated
– Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
– Yeast: German Kölsch
Brewer’s Stash is a recurring event at the Rolla Brewpub. We’ll tap a fresh R&D (Research and Development) beer at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. See you at the Pub!