Can you believe it, TEN YEARS!

I vividly remember late nights working diligently to put together the plan that would become Public House. The idea centered around a place where anyone can come and experience respite. As I looked back, I pulled out a copy of the original business plan, circa 2009, and retrieved a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you now.

“….how do we ensure that our customers, or “guests” as we like to call them, have an experience they will remember so they want to come back and relive it over and over again?  We do this by creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, fun, engaging and above all—consistent.”

“We will provide an experience they place a high value on, making them want to share that same experience with other friends and family”

It strikes me that even back then we were focused on more than beer. We wanted Public House to be an experience.

I am very humbled by the success of our little endeavor and I am eternally grateful to my family, friends, and community who have supported us through the years. I look forward to many more moments with all of you for years to come.

I’ve pulled out a few of my favorite images to share with you. There are many more photo memories to come, and we can’t wait to see and share yours.  Enjoy!