Defiance defined

Sticke It Up Your Alt is here and with it comes a feeling of rebelliousness. The label artwork for this beer features a piece of the Berlin Wall that now resides in Fort Leonard Wood, MO. This beer is a shout-out to our valued service members, the country of origin for this beer style and the defiant attitude that sparked the tearing down of an instrument of division – with a stick it to the man attitude.

This style of beer originated in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Sticke Altbier began with brewers being a little heavy handed with the malt bill and adding extra hops for balance. The name Sticke comes from the locals gossiping about the brewers little “secret” of a slightly stronger beer on tap. It has a light, hoppy nose, a complex malt character and a dry finish. Our co-founders describe Sticke It Up Your Alt as a rich, medium-full bodied German-style lager that is smooth, crisp and formidable.

We are proud to release Sticke It Up Your Alt in the first Taproom Sampler of 2018. Look for this sampler pack in a Missouri store near you or at either of our brewery locations.
Included in this release are 12 beers with three bottles of each of the following: our exclusive taproom special, Sticke It Up Your Alt along with three year-round favorites, Rod’s Cream Ale, Elusive IPA and Revelation Stout.

Sticke It Up Your Alt stats:
Malt: Pilsen, Carared, Munich II, Wheat, Carafa Special III
Hops: Magnum, Tettnang, Spalt Select
ABV: 6.2%
OG: 1.060
IBU: 47
SRM: 17


Experience the official playlist of Sticke It Up Your Alt.

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