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National Homebrew Day is coming up and in honor of this occasion, we decided to release our recipe of Tire Swing IPA with the purchase of a homebrew kit that includes the ingredients and instructions to craft a 5-gallon batch of this beloved Public House beer. We’ll also post a video on social media of head brewer, Matt Burkhardt, brewing this same recipe on Sat., May 2 as part of the National Homebrew Day celebration.

In the meantime, check out what Public House co-founder, Josh Stacy, had to say about sharing this recipe.

What made you decide to share a Public House beer recipe?
I was thinking of ways that we could continue to engage with our customers, now that social distancing is in place. One of the exciting things about the craft beer industry is the focus on innovation and education. I thought this was a way that we could do both.

Tire Swing IPA is a fan favorite to those who have been around the taproom over the years, and have been able to try it. We only release it in limited quantity, so we thought this would be a fun way for people to have a familiar favorite or perhaps taste something new from PHBC.

When did you first brew Tire Swing IPA?
This beer has origins in the garage, pre-Public House. It was the first IPA that we made at the brewery. There was plenty of tweaking from the original recipe, but it soon became a favorite.

Can you provide a tasting profile of Tire Swing IPA?
This recipe is more in line with a British-style IPA. We use caramel malt to bring out some deeper color and malt flavor. The hops are American standards (Centennial and Cascade) with play to the citrus, orange rind flavor and aroma.

What are the stats for this beer?
Target O.G.: 1.064
Target F.G.: 1.012
Target ABV: 6.9%
Target IBU: 44
Target SRM: 10

What’s the best part of sharing this recipe?
I am excited for people to make this recipe and supply feedback. I love engaging with our local brewing community, and since I am not currently afforded that opportunity, I thought this would be an adaptive way to engage.

Do you think you’ll share a different Public House beer recipe in the future?
I think so. – Any suggestions?

To participate, we invite you to take pics and tag us on social media to show us how your homebrewing went and let us know what other recipes you’d like us to share in the future.

You can order your homebrewing package of Tire Swing IPA by calling 573.426. 2337 by end of day Tuesday, April 28. This kit comes complete with recipe, ingredients and instructions to make a 5-gallon batch for $25. Kits must be picked up at our Rolla Brewpub location on Thursday, April 30 or Friday, May 1. If you need additional supplies, let us know and we’ll help.

Then, check our Facebook pages on Sat., May 2 and watch our head brewer as he brews this recipe. Cheers!




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  1. Iris Smith
    Iris Smith says:

    We appreciate you saying that you enjoy interacting with the local brewing scene because you don’t currently have the chance. My spouse enjoys brewing beer at home. I will purchase home brew supplies for him and invite him to join a professional group and request their technical assistance.


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