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Halloween Party Brew

We’ve got what you need for your Halloween party. Stop by either brewery location and grab the perfect brew to share with your ghoulish guests.

May we recommend the following:

  • Bierleichen! is a distinctively complex Marzen-style ale that is amber in color making it perfect for October. We have some ready for pick up at both breweries. ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 7
  • Courtship Cranberry Ale is what happens when we collaborate with our campus partner, St. James Winery. Your guests will taste a crisp, clean cream ale blended with 100% cranberry juice, this seasonal incorporates the sweet and tart flavors of Cranberry wine – the winery’s most popular seasonal. ABV: 6.1% | IBU: 16 | SRM: 8
  • Our current Taproom Sampler is a definite crowd-pleaser. This pack includes 3 of the following beers: Rod’s Cream Ale, Frisco 1501 Amber Lager, Elusive IPA and our first-ever sour beer, Sour-Endipity. Sour-Endipity is a fun, little gem that came out of our R&D Brewpub in Rolla. This sharp, wheat ale is golden in color that is sour and effervescent with a dry finish balanced by real kiwi fruit.

Don’t get your Halloween haunt on until you have some PHBC in the house!

Bierleichen is the official Oktoberfest beer

Watch out, because Bierleichen! is coming for you! The beverage’s name came from the German word, bierleichen, which is often what people are called during Oktoberfest celebrations. Its English translation is “beer corpse” – hints to the beer drinking zombie on the front label of the bottle.

Bierleichen! is a distinctively complex Marzen-style Lager that is amber in color and brewed using traditional German ingredients. This Lager delivers rich, toasty and bready flavors that finishes with a soft, malty sweetness.

Bierleichen! is Public House Brewing Company’s official 2018 Oktoberfest beer. We welcome you to join us for our Oktoberfest Saturday, September 29 at the Rolla R&D Brewpub. There will be beer and wine to sample from all over the state, food and live music too! Interested? Purchase General Admission and VIP tickets here: http://bit.ly/Oktob2018 to enjoy Bierleichen! and many others.

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 7

Check out the video below to learn how to Bierleichen! responsibly!