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This Creature Beer

Happy 2022 from Public House!

Happy 2022 from the Public House Crew! Closing out a year and jumping into a new one is always an extra special time at the brewery.  We come together to reflect on all the places we’ve been and to plan for where we are headed. It’s also our official anniversary, as we first opened our doors and taps on a cold mid-December day in 2010. Little did we know that the good folks of Rolla, MO would drink us dry in a matter of days! Never would we deny the people beer, so we made more, and the rest is history. 🍻


11th Ale-Iversary


Celebrating eleven years of Public House at the Ale-Iversary Bash on Saturday, January 15th at the Rolla, MO BrewPub. There’ll be live music by John Pratt, Ozark Snappers, Bliss Hippy, and Trilogy from 6 pm  – 10 pm. In keeping with tradition, the Public House blessing will be read, and This Creature Beer barleywine ale will release during the event. This Creature Beer is a Pub exclusive and will be available in draft and 4-pack 12-ounce cans. Pub Manager Danyelle and her team will feature Pork Tacos as a special menu item – pair it with a pint of Flynn’s, and you’re headed right down to flavor town. Thank you for your love and support along this journey, and we can’t wait to see you at the Pub!


Flynn’s Irish Red Ale and Best Ever Beer


Flynn’s Irish Red Ale and it’s St. Pat’s-inspired Best Ever labeled counterpart return to our taps and across Missouri in the coming weeks. We’ll tap Flynn’s at both locations the Friday before the Ale-Iversary event, and you’ll see it hit your favorite spots and store shelves around the same time. We’re holding back Best Ever just a bit, and we’ll see those unique labels out on cans and taps around mid-February.


Level 2 Fall Risk DIPA


It’s baaaaack! You asked, and we brewed! Level 2 Fall Risk Double IPA returns on tap and in six-pack cans and a brand new label design! Previously released in the Campus Werks series, Level 2 Fall Risk is intensely hoppy without being too complex or malty.  The addition of orange blossom honey adds hints of fruity aromas to the background. With a clean, dry finish, it’s approachable and highly drinkable. Brewer Jason Stacy, for whom the beer was originally brewed, says it best, ” It is very well balanced and a bit dangerous”. Look for the release of Level 2 Fall Risk later this month.


10th Ale-Iversary Celebrations

Ten years.

A couple of weeks ago, we quietly celebrated our official tenth anniversary at the Rolla Brewpub. Celebrating our anniversary, or Ale-Iversary, as we have come to call it, with you is a privilege and an honor.  Certainly, each celebration has been unique, but always big and lively-our day to kick up our heels with you!

Celebrating together in this environment is a challenge. We broke out our thinking caps (they work best with a pint in hand) and put together a set of specials that will give you the opportunity to celebrate with us in the ways you feel safe.

All specials will run Friday, January 22, and Saturday, January 23, and will be available at the Rolla Brewpub and the St. James Taproom.
Throwback Pricing! When we opened the Pub 10 years ago, our beers were $4-$5 a pint. Friday and Saturday, many select beers will once again be priced at $4-$5 a pint.
Case Beer Discount! 20% off cases of beer. No restrictions. Purchase a case, receive a 20% discount. You can even order ahead and pick up curbside if you’d like.
This Creature Beer Barley Wine Release! The Barley Wine release and vertical tasting is a tradition we just could not pass over.  2021 This Creature Beer will be on draft at both locations, and there will be vertical tasting package options available for you to pick up and experience at home. Receive a 20% discount on the prices listed below by purchasing four years for a vertical tasting.

2021 Creature16oz can $9.99

2020 Creature 16oz can $10.99

2019 Creature 750 ml Bomber $12.99

2018 Barley Wine 750 ml Bomber $13.99

2017 Barley Wine 750 ml Bomber $15.99 *Available only in Rolla. 20% discount applies when purchasing with the vertical package.*

Thank you for ten years! Cheers to ten more!

10th Ale-Iversary Celebrations

Public House Brew News

Public House Brew News 

What a year it’s been! We have worked harder than ever to bring you beers and events you can get excited about.  In the spirit of adaptation, ingenuity, and creativity, 2020’s seasonal, limited release, and small-batch beers have each been nothing short of amazing.  In fact, two of these beers will cross over and become official year-round Public House offerings!

Dry Fly Session IPA, with its hop-forward profile and clean finish, joins the ranks as a year-round beer. Quickly rising up as a customer favorite, Among the Willows Pilsner Lager has shot its way to the year-round lineup, too.

As our brew system and crew can manage only five core beers, Hide and Seek Hefeweizen and Frisco Amber Lager will no longer be year-round beers.  This was a tough decision!  We have a strong adoration of Hide and Seek, a classically brewed German Hefeweizen we introduced you to when we first opened the Pub. Frisco’s strong American classic lager taste and strong character won our hearts years ago.  For a limited time, you can still get these Public House classics in our current Variety Pack.  And yes, they’re fresh! The brewery kicked out a fresh batch of Frisco just last Friday.

Even in the wake of a pandemic, Public House Happens. Thank you for adapting with us these past seven months.  Thank you for supporting our patios, our package, and our pints.  We appreciate each one of you! We feel very fortunate for your support.  Prost!

Summertime Thirst Quenchers

Public House Brewing Company has several new beers to enjoy during the warmer days that lie ahead. Learn more about how you can quench your thirst during the summer season with the limited selection of craft beers below.

Mango Elusive IPA

This India Pale Ale is a variation of our beloved, year-round beer Elusive IPA. The Public House Brew Crew thought it would be fun to offer up a fruited IPA and it made sense to add mango to the citrus flavors and aromas of Elusive.

After doing a couple of 5-gallon batches, there was a decision to be made about when and where to add the mango fruit to the beer during the brewing process. The two test batches were released at the Rolla Research & Development Brewpub and we asked our customers to fill out a survey to give us precious feedback. We listened and moved forward with creating this version for you to enjoy now and throughout this summer, while supplies last.

ABV: 6.8% | IBU: 60 | SRM: 7

Strawberry Cream Ale

Public House Thorn and Heat lovers can rejoice! Allow us to present you with Strawberry Cream Ale for the season.

This delightful little number is another variation of a year-round favorite of ours. We took our Cream Ale and infused it with strawberry fruit. The result is a sessionable beer that presents mild strawberry aromas on the nose and a slight hint of strawberry flavor that compliments the malt notes you know and love of our Cream Ale.

With a slightly pink hue, this seasonal beer is crisp and clean with a wonderfully rich mouthfeel that will satisfy your thirst while kicking back and relaxing on your front porch during those warm weather days ahead. Yum!

ABV: 5.3% | IBU: 16 | SRM: 6

Dry Fly Session IPA

What is a session or sessionable beer? For those who are unaware, it’s a beer with a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage. Meaning, it’s an easy-drinking beer.

With that in mind, the Public House Brew Crew’s love for creating sessionable beers drove them to craft Dry Fly Session India Pale Ale. They wanted to make an IPA with a lower ABV that still had the hoppy characteristics known of India Pale Ales. They succeeded.

With a 4.5% ABV, Dry Fly Session IPA has been dry-hopped with Citra and Amarillo hop varieties making it hop-forward, yet nicely balanced with aromas and mild flavors of citrus fruit that end in a clean, dry finish. You better snag a 6-pack of this beer featuring artwork by fly fisherman, Al Agnew, before it’s gone.

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 45 | SRM: 2

Among the Willows Pilsner Lager

Drawing from our Midwestern heritage, the art on this pilsner lager features a gun shootout between a lone gunman running from an ambush by Union troops. This gunman has to go “Among the Willows” or evade the law.

Unlike the label art, this clean and crisp German Pilsner doesn’t break any laws from the German Purity Law 1516. (Reinheitsgebot). Among the Willows Pilsner Lager is refreshing and light-bodied with a light malt flavor that is balanced by medium hop bitterness. You can fetch yourself a six-pack of this seasonal, limited beer or find it in our variety pack with other Public House favorites starting in mid-to-late June 2020. Until then, come down to the watering hole (either brewery location) to taste it for yourself.

ABV: 5.4% | IBU: 40 | SRM: 2

You can find these beers at both the St. James Taproom and the Rolla R&D Brewpub, in stores that carry Public House products and online with shipping to Missouri residents here. Cheers!



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Valentine's Day Dinner

Progressive Valentine’s Day Dinner

We’re teaming up with our friends and neighbors at St. James Winery to host a four-course Progressive Valentine’s Day Dinner on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Through delicious and expertly paired courses, you’ll progress through the stages of love as you tour the winery and brewery.
The evening begins at 6:00 pm when we’ll meet in the St. James Winery Tasting Room for a glass of bubbly or Cream Ale and an overview of the evening. Attraction is the first stage of love, and we’ll woo you with an interactive tour of the wine cellar, followed by a short outdoor jaunt across a private drive to the winery and brewery warehouse. If Cupid’s arrow hasn’t landed yet, you can be sure it will once we begin to wine and dine you. You’ll take a seat in a cozy corner of the warehouse to enjoy the starter course paired with your choice of Vignoles or Revelation Stout.
Then, bundle up and don your walking shoes, because we’re headed to the brewery! We’ll take the back way through The Gardens, tour the brewhouse, and then you’ll be seated, completely smitten with infatuation, in the brewhouse for the first course. Bacon-wrapped and chicharron-topped dates will be paired with either Chardonel or Flynn’s Irish Red Ale.
For the next and final two stages of love, which are love and trust,  you’ll take a short walk up the stairs to the Public House Mezzanine. There, you’ll fall in love with the main course, paired with either Norton 42 or Headshot Helles. And finally, we trust that you’ll appreciate relaxing in one spot for a bit, and you’ll finish the evening with dessert paired with either Sparkling Blush or This Creature beer, respectively.
We recommend that you dress warmly and comfortably. We’ll be walking outside and on our feet a fair amount of time through the course of the evening. Order tickets today: https://phbc.ticketspice.com/progressive-valentines-day…


6:00 pm – Meet & Greet

Location: St. James Winery Tasting Room
Arrive as early as 5:45 pm
You’ll be served either Cream Ale or Sparkling Moscato


Starter Course – Attraction

Location: St. James Winery Warehouse
“Opposites Attract”
Savory Kolach with Moon Dance Farm short rib and Feta topped with sweet compound butter. Paired with your choice of Dry Vignoles or Revelation Stout.


First Course – Infatuation

Location: Public House Cellar
Infatuation “Wrap Around Your Date”
Bacon-wrapped date topped with a chicharron. Paired with your choice of Winemaker Series Chardonel or Flynn’s Irish Red Ale.


Main Course – Love

Location: Public House Mezzanine
Love “Plating up your Heart”
Roasted pork loin on a bed of wild rice with a strawberry and Revelation Stout Sauce. Paired with your choice of Norton 42 or Headshot Helles.


Dessert – Trust

Location: Public House Mezzanine
Trust “Is a Shot in the Dark”
Dark chocolate shot glass filled with bacon caramel mouse. Paired with your choice of Sparkling Blush or This Creature Beer.