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10th Ale-Iversary Celebrations

Ten years.

A couple of weeks ago, we quietly celebrated our official tenth anniversary at the Rolla Brewpub. Celebrating our anniversary, or Ale-Iversary, as we have come to call it, with you is a privilege and an honor.  Certainly, each celebration has been unique, but always big and lively-our day to kick up our heels with you!

Celebrating together in this environment is a challenge. We broke out our thinking caps (they work best with a pint in hand) and put together a set of specials that will give you the opportunity to celebrate with us in the ways you feel safe.

All specials will run Friday, January 22, and Saturday, January 23, and will be available at the Rolla Brewpub and the St. James Taproom.
Throwback Pricing! When we opened the Pub 10 years ago, our beers were $4-$5 a pint. Friday and Saturday, many select beers will once again be priced at $4-$5 a pint.
Case Beer Discount! 20% off cases of beer. No restrictions. Purchase a case, receive a 20% discount. You can even order ahead and pick up curbside if you’d like.
This Creature Beer Barley Wine Release! The Barley Wine release and vertical tasting is a tradition we just could not pass over.  2021 This Creature Beer will be on draft at both locations, and there will be vertical tasting package options available for you to pick up and experience at home. Receive a 20% discount on the prices listed below by purchasing four years for a vertical tasting.

2021 Creature16oz can $9.99

2020 Creature 16oz can $10.99

2019 Creature 750 ml Bomber $12.99

2018 Barley Wine 750 ml Bomber $13.99

2017 Barley Wine 750 ml Bomber $15.99 *Available only in Rolla. 20% discount applies when purchasing with the vertical package.*

Thank you for ten years! Cheers to ten more!

10th Ale-Iversary Celebrations

Glassware 101

Have you ever wondered which glass to pour your beer into? Then, we have the answer right here in this video tutorial about beer glassware. Watch Public House Brewing Company Head Brewer, Matt Burkhardt, explain the reasoning behind the use of different beer glasses for different beer types.

Giddy Goat Coffee Milk Stout Returns

Giddy Goat Coffee Milk Stout is returning for it’s second run and has more coffee flavor than before. Last year, we partnered with Giddy Goat Coffee House in Rolla, MO to create this coffee-infused stout, which soon became a popular seasonal for PHBC. We were excited to bring it back!

Public House Brewing Company Head Brewer, Matt Burkhardt, explains in the video below the cold brew process for the coffee in this dark, full-bodied ale. Find out more about what it takes to make this rich seasonal stout.

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 40

Bierleichen is the official Oktoberfest beer

Watch out, because Bierleichen! is coming for you! The beverage’s name came from the German word, bierleichen, which is often what people are called during Oktoberfest celebrations. Its English translation is “beer corpse” – hints to the beer drinking zombie on the front label of the bottle.

Bierleichen! is a distinctively complex Marzen-style Lager that is amber in color and brewed using traditional German ingredients. This Lager delivers rich, toasty and bready flavors that finishes with a soft, malty sweetness.

Bierleichen! is Public House Brewing Company’s official 2018 Oktoberfest beer. We welcome you to join us for our Oktoberfest Saturday, September 29 at the Rolla R&D Brewpub. There will be beer and wine to sample from all over the state, food and live music too! Interested? Purchase General Admission and VIP tickets here: http://bit.ly/Oktob2018 to enjoy Bierleichen! and many others.

ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 7

Check out the video below to learn how to Bierleichen! responsibly!

Catch Her In The Rye

YCH HOPS has teamed up with the Pink Boots Society, a global nonprofit organization supporting women in the brewing professions, to create the Pink Boots Blend of Palisade, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra and Loral hops. Commercial brewers were encouraged to use this collaborative blend of hops to create their own celebratory brews. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Pink Boots Society scholarship funds. These funds will be used to help women in the industry attend educational seminars, classes, certifications and tours in order to empower female beer professionals to advance their careers through education.

“Ideally our choice of blend could be used for bittering, aroma, and during dry-hop. A brewer can use this hop through the brew, or just in a single charge,” says Laura Ulrich, President of Pink Boots Society. “The blend character itself is fruity but not overly tropical, with more dominant citrus and herbal notes. The small addition of Simcoe gives the blend just a hint of old school, while other like Loral, Citra, and Palisade will help drive the fruit flavors forward. And really, who doesn’t love Mosaic, so we added a touch of her too.”

Our very own brewer, Amber Powell, who has been a part of the Pink Boots Society for 7 years, accepted the challenge! Originally a Chemistry major, Amber found her calling while bartending at a craft brewery in college.

“I was invited by the head brewer, Bryan Shimkos, to a brew day,” said Amber. “I immediately fell in love with the chemistry in brewing. I knew this was something I wanted to do every day, and that’s how my new career began.”

Amber has had great success at brewing honey rye ale before, and was excited to brew it again for a great cause. Paying homage to women in the brewing industry, Amber has named her creation Catch Her In The Rye.

“With Catch Her In The Rye, you can taste the honey upfront, but a lot of the rye comes through, as well. The Pink Boots Blend of hops compliments this honey rye ale perfectly for a tropical citrus aroma. I am excited to bring more light to women brewers around the world. There are a lot more of us than people think, and we are growing stronger every year.”

On behalf of everyone at Public House Brewing Company, we congratulate Amber on her brewing accomplishments and look forward to much more to come!

Catch Her In The Rye will be featured at our April’s Brewers Stash, and it will only be available in limited quantity. Join us at the Rolla R&D Brewpub Tuesday, April 10 at 5:30 p.m. to catch your own pint of this philanthropic brew, and let’s raise a pint to women doing amazing things in the brewing world!

Catch Her In The Rye beer stats

The hop flavor in this beer is balanced and reflects the hop blend character with notes of citrus and tropical fruit. With a light honey sweetness at the beginning, the spiciness from the rye malt comes through with a dry finish. It has a very light and clean flavor provided by the yeast.

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 31
SRM: 9
Glassware: Pint
Serving Temp: 45°F – 50°F

Malts: Pale Ale, Rye Malt, Honey Malt
Hops: YCH & Pink Boots Society Collaboration Blend (Palisade, Simcoe, Mosaic, Citra, Loral)

Steady Yourself

Level 2 Fall Risk is here

We are excited to announce our second release in our CampusWerks series this year, Level 2 Fall Risk Imperial IPA. This IPA is fairly strong and intensely hoppy without being too complex or malty. There are hints of fruity aromas in the background from the addition of orange blossom honey. This Imperial IPA allows you to enjoy a clean, dry finish, with high drinkability.

With this release comes a story of inspiration. In 2016, Jason Stacy, brewer and brother of co-founder Josh Stacy, overcame a dire medical situation that required surgery and a long rehabilitation. He defiantly attempted to walk in the hospital before he was truly ready to go solo. After he took a fall, caregivers labeled him a “fall risk” and he had to wear a special bracelet. Thankfully, he has since recovered and is back in our brewhouse.

“I was really glad to come back to work a few months after my surgery. I lucked out that I didn’t forget how to brew. My recovery is going great and I’m happy to be brewing, bottling, kegging, and cleaning in the brewery. Level 2 Fall Risk is a double IPA with orange blossom honey, and a bunch of ‘C’ hops. It is very well balanced and a bit dangerous,” stated Jason Stacy.

Together, we created this India Pale Ale to celebrate. Kick back with this cold brew and enjoy the Level 2 Fall Risk Official Playlist. Cheers!
ABV: 8.7% | IBU: 82 | SRM: 8.2

Pizzas & Pints


There is no denying that pizza and beer go together. The only thing that could make this beloved combo better is to expertly pair our St. James Taproom’s wood-fired pizza with a pint of our craft beer. With all the pizza and pint possibilities we offer, deciding what to order can be quite the challenge! That is why we consulted with Public House Brewing Company co-founder, Josh Stacy, to create a guide to help you pair the best brew with the perfect pie:


Margherita and Rod’s Cream Ale

Ingredients: Tomato Sauce, garlic oil, fresh mozzarella, basil
This pizza’s crisp, clean flavors call for a brighter beer like Rod’s that doesn’t overpower the fresh, subtle flavors of the mozzarella.


Three Cheese and Hide and Seek Hefeweizen or Provision Farmhouse Ale

Ingredients: Tomato Sauce, garlic oil, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, provolone
Both of these choice beers offer slightly citrusy hops that will help accentuate the aromatic cheeses.


Ozark Forest Mushroom and Frisco 1501 Amber Lager or Flynn’s Irish Red

Ingredients: Blend of locally grown and harvested mushrooms, garlic oil, parmesan, arugula
The toasty, caramel flavors in these brews add a taste of sweetness to this addictive, earthy pie.


Italian Meat Lovers and Elusive IPA

Ingredients: Pepperoni, ground beef and Italian sausage, tomato sauce, garlic oil, provolone
The smooth, refreshing hops in our Elusive perfectly balances the saltiness of these meats.


Pepperoni and Elusive IPA or Dry Fly IPA

Ingredients: Tomato sauce, pepperoni, provolone
The bright touch of hops in both of these drinkable IPA’s highlight the spice of the pepperoni.


Veggie and Rod’s Cream Ale or Dry Fly IPA

Ingredients: Tomato sauce, bell peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives, green onions, provolone
With both of these well balanced brews, the delicate taste of the fresh vegetables used to make this pizza are more flavorful.


Supreme and Soest Road Circa 1995 Belgian Style Dubbel

Ingredients: Tomato sauce, olives, red onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage, provolone
The maltiness of our Soest harmonizes well with the vast array of meats and vegetables on this customer favorite pizza.


There are a plethora of great Public House Brewing Company pizza and beer combinations! Visit us at the St. James Taproom and remember to tag us when you share your favorite pair on social media.

Level 2 Fall Risk Official Playlist

Partially curated by brewer, Jason Stacy, and co-founder, Josh Goodridge.

  1. Rage Against the Machine – Bombtrack
  2. Beastie Boys – Benny & the Jets
  3. System of a Down – Bounce
  4. Nirvana – Lake of Fire (from Unplugged)
  5. Grateful Dead – U.S. Blues
  6. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live from Delicate Sound of Thunder)
  7. Butthole Surfers – Pepper
  8. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Suck My Kiss
  10. Queens of the Stone Age – Auto Pilot
  11. Ween – Bananas and Blow
  12. Sublime – Scarlet Begonias
  13. Alice In Chains – Brother
  14. Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young – Carry On
  15. Mumford & Sons – Roll Away Your Stone

Listen to the playlist on Spotify (you must create a free account if you don’t already have one): http://spoti.fi/2F9Zdcl

Sticke It Up Your Alt Official Playlist


  1. Sex Pistols– Holidays in the Sun
  2. Genesis — Land of Confusion
  3. Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
  4. Nena — 99 Luftballoons
  5. Rational Youth — Dancing on the Berlin Wall
  6. Ramones — Born to Die in Berlin
  7. David Bowie– Heroes
  8. Scorpions — Wind of Change
  9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Berlin
  10. U2 — Zoo Station
  11. Iggy Pop – The Passenger
  12. Alphaville – Forever Young
  13. Ozzy– No More Tears
  14. Bloc party – Kreuzberg
  15. Neil Young — Rockin’ in the Free World
  16. Lou Reed – Berlin
  17. Marlene Dietrich — Ich hab noch einen koffer in Berlin

Listen to the playlist on Spotify (you must create a free account if you don’t already have one): https://open.spotify.com/user/reporter26/playlist/34SylSGfujMzqOFVDOibUx